Sunday, October 23, 2011


OK. I have a feeling that men won't be delightful when they will read this, but it's been a while since I wanted to write about this topic.
I know that almost every one loves the tv-series " Entourage" and it made a huge BOOM all over the world and 99% of you out there can't wait for the movie to come out. But seriously, WHY?

Every time I watch an episode all I see is nothing but MEN being what I wish they wouldn't be. I mean, leave the story of becoming a famous person in Hollywood or wherever aside. Im talking about the relationships that are showed in there. Yes, we all know that show business is dirty, provocative, material and tuff, but really, is this how you want your life to be? After all, I am sure every man watching it wants to be one of the main actors. And WHY? All they show is how men basically use women one after another, and how nothing is precious or sacred anymore. Different girl every day is the way of standard for a cool guy (that's the only thing you can learn from it), and even if you happen to be in love but it didn't work out-it's alright, no need to fight for it when you have so many substitutes around. REALLY?! That's what attracts you and makes you feel good? Quantity over quality just for the sake of it? PLEASE.

There is no need to say that media does affect our lives , but the fact that this particular tv-show is worshiped so much, makes me wonder is this how we want to see the world going?
People who know me, know that Im FAR from being a Feminist or anything like it. Its just that I really want to believe that there are normal people, and MEN there, with some morals and value for women and for THEIR OWN FEELINGS, because in reality, this type of behavior only shows disrespect to yourself. And its sad that it's seen as a "Macho" behavior of a real man, because really-it's not.

Besides all that- the show is not that bad;)

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  1. YOu opened up a very important subject, but then I wouldn;t expect airy subjects from you.;)
    The truth is there are always two sides to a coin so we cannot blame men only, and hopefully not all men either. The truth is there are far too many girls who also encourage that kind of attitude towards them and who put a small price on self respect, by acting in a certain way. So in some cases they are as bad as each other.
    So lets keep being ladies and hope there are still plenty gentlemen around. Lots of love, my smart and pretty vixen. x